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at last!
Friday, December 29, 2006

wheeeew!done ALL my hols hw!!at last man.was struggling wib soo much hw.finally,can rest ler!!XD wahaha. tom got another dry run for orientation.gotta wake up at 7.15am.sheesh.soo early can.i normally onli wake up at 10+ lorx..hahah.soo not use to wake up soo early.yea,im tat lazy..hahah.smemore tom is not at mt sinai dere lorx.which is further away can.stupid la.why go old campus hostel??tsktsk/..aiyah,iris.u jus hab to di it!dun complain wors!yeppx..so jiayou!XDoh man..tom is gonna be quite busy for me.at 4.45 gt learning lab tuition den after tat straight away go to my grandma hse to celebrate her bdae..haiix.i dun wan to go tuition de lor.but..gt no choice.so,i'll be late for grandma party.sry ah ma!>.<>

hao jiu bu jian!
Thursday, December 28, 2006

yoo!wassup..long time no see.yea,im a busy person u noe.lol..well,deleted my old blog,soo..here's the new one!!wahahaha.thanks to tj!he did this blogskin.yeppx!thnx loads=).so..reli long time no see huh.guess i got lots to post todae.well,let me start wib my sydney trip 1st bah..yea,1 mnth is quite long..but had a great time there x).it was fun going there without my parents XD.wahahaa..but i did behave myself kaes..lol.yea, had a great time wib my cousins!!and of course my grandma too..ahaah.didnt took any pics..cauz i was lazy to do it..ahaha,but hu cares.i brought it go and promised my parents to take pics but i didnt..XD lol..well,u cant blame me entirely..hahah.i was just too tired to pose in front of the cam.so..yea.oooo..sydney was lovely i tell u man.love the weather.love the environment.yeppx.it rawks.stayed at my aunt's hse..woah..hewr hse is huge i tell u.swam in her swimming pool!not tat big..but at least is her own private swimming pool..yea.shop alot too!!but not as much as i thought i would..but at least i didnt uise up all the $$ i had..so,be proud for me!LOL.. well,watch loads of movies in the airplane.step up was one of them.whoof.i love the dance man..hahah. thinking of learning hiphop.yea..but dun noe if gt time.anw, stop toking abt sydney ler la..i stil gt alot of hw not done lor.lol..must reli jiayou man.nxt yr our prankster new yr revolution is that all of us will get 3.5 for L1B5..shiong eh..but we've got to try!hahah..we must be crazy to try to get that result..but,yea..no harm trying..ahaha.skol opening ler..cant wait.esp for dis yr orientation.i taking 1f with keith and tj and elisabeth and joyce and eva.cant wait.wahahaa.im gonna hab loads of juniors XD.but sian la..i AIC..sobbz..i dun wan de lor..but pianpian my name was called.seesh.ahaah' anw,nvm lar.i stay quite near to the new campus so yar..is quite easy for me..lol.really cant wait for skol open..everydae at hme so sian..gt noting to do.haiix,so go back to skol still the best.ohhh..i wan mdm lim to change..seesh.really lor.she didnt do much for our class as a form tcher.so..MUST CHANGE!! LOL..ai.stop here for todae bah..my hands aching ler..lol.cya all =). tag wors! XD


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