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horrible homework.i hate it!![alliteration!]
Saturday, January 27, 2007

lol..dat's an example of alliteration.ahahah.LA.lol..learning literary devices blah blah blah...i lyk hyperbole.it looks nice & sounds nice ttoooXDlol..sheesh.dis wk gt so much hmewk sia.

LA:*nid to read finish PRIDE AND PREJUDICE[which i haven even read] and nid to do and assignment on it
*study for literary deveices test(gt no time to study la)
*some time later nid to write an essay abt comparing 2 poems
CHI:*jian bao(doin now..ahah)
*one chi wksheet(doneXD)
MATHS:*assign 1 on INDICES!!!! i hate indices..man(i haven do & i dunwan to do)
SCIENCE:*study for digestive system(gt no time to study la)
GEOG:*read txtbk unit 1 & 3(unit 3 haven read-.-)

seee...gt alot huh.man..gt to jiayou bah.since dis mid-term i hab to jiayou & try to get 3.4 den my dad buy me ps2...lolbut not sure if i can do it.but hab to trust in the lord!yeppx.&tom is my first time doing assistant for agape misnistry!whheee.nid to take care of the kiddys XD.wahahha.bet dey will be damn cute.lol..but nid to reach church by 8.40am...wah.very early leh..but cannot complain coz tats my own responsibility..ahaha..& mon is SC investiture.wahhhh.i dunwan to wear court shoes & stockings and tat hot blazer..sobbz :( haiix.hope tat i can borrow tat small blazer i saw in SC room bah.if not i not sure whether can xchange wib felicia.sobbz x(

my blazer!
Tuesday, January 23, 2007

oh well oh well..my blazer is size M16..super big can.SUPER!lol..cannot even see my hands la..wl.no more S size ler..den gt no choice but to take M..zZZ.seriously la.i look damn weird in that big big blazer.& wats worst. nid to wear court shoes!!OMG la.i wan to be a boy!sobbz*boys only wear black leather shoes & wear tie and the blazer.den girls nid to wear STOCKINGS and COURT SHOES!!is lyk wth...sheesh.i look damn weird la..but haiix.gt no choice lor.oh well..=X

rahh!! time-i need more time!
Saturday, January 20, 2007

oh man!seessh..seriously,i need more time.dis week gt so many tings to do la.i just did finish my tuitons hmewk..woke up at 12+ dis morn..den later gt eng tuition..den after suppose to have dinner at dunnoe which restaurant..but luckily cancelled coz my uncle fainted.zzz..hope he will be alrite.but thnx god man.so now gt more time to practice my drums!!arhhhhh..FILL-INS!!!!i'm stuck at fill-ins la.man..hope i wun flunk when i plae tom..zzz.seriously,my fill-ins sucks.die,die..how leh???!nvm.tonite i will try & try & try..until i get my fill-ins.yeppx.but i haven even do my skol hmewk.but tom is sun & tom gt drums.so drums more impt. so do drums 1st.den later do skol hmewk..yuppx.tats wad im gonna do..ahahah.den my pop quiz fail-.- INDICES!! so hard la.so irritating can.man..1st time failing my maths quiz.but is a POP quiz..so is lyk ms ngau nv tell us gt quiz den i oso not tat sure abt indices den fail lohs.but luckily ms ngau sae can retest so i retest loh.mayb mon go retest bah.but will take average of two..sad x( but at least better den failing.ZZZ..oh wells, have to buck up in my INDICES..jiayou!dis yr i trying to get 3.5 for L1B5...so i cannot fail anyting.so haiix.just nid to yong gong more lohs...den if i get 3.4 for mid-yr i gonna get a ps 2..lol.man.can i make it???not sure--haiix.why s'pore education standard so high de...lol.we students so shiong lor.study study & study..see?how stress we are! yar..i hate studying.but dis yr cannot slack!coz nid ti fen ban..den the 6 of us have to be in the same class nxt yr.cannot split the 6 of us!we trying the 3 sciences..but dno if can make it.zzz..jiayou bah..oh man,god..pls,give me more time!i'm seriously in need of TIME.get it? T-I-M-E. TIME!

Friday, January 12, 2007

oh wells.skol was great.changed LA and chi tcher.mr biollo was funnie man.hahaha.i guess his lessons will be fun bah.hope so XD but he gave loads of hmewk man.seesh..oh man,my chi tcher is nw zheng lao shi..can die man.now cannot slack in chi ler.wah..she 1st lesson scold ler.not lyk liu lao shi..tsk!&her rules is sooo strict la. nid to com[plete hmwk on time if not nid to stay bak after skol & complete & oso gt one xtra hmwk to do.. scary huh.enuff abt tchers ler ba.ytd was soo cool la.me & mich walk under the rain after skol..den our hair was drenched la.ahahaha.never get sick though.man..wanted to get sick de but juz never..lol.den halfway we buy pandan cake to eat..haha.todae oso the same.but not as wet as ytd..hahah.& todae buy waffle instead of pandan cake..lol.LA was fun todae..but nid to write a shape poem..aiya,i already did soo many poems for the hols assign le.now still nid to do one more.jiayou bah iris xD maths was fun.ms ngau rawks la..taught indices. lyk it.haha/i love mathsXD.oh ya.worst!PE tcher no more ms tan..wahhh*sobbs*i wan ms tan!! why change to mr siva??!!why our class so suay??!!oh my tian la.dis is the worst can..-.-ms tan..i wan you la.please leh. come back to 2cadmus!!please!lol..seriously,ms tan rawks..aiya.guess dis is destined ba.haixx..our class was more bonded as last year.yay!so happie :Dthe boys are great!why i sae tat leh?coz todae we saying abt our class tee mah.den everyone nid to hab a number.den we decided to follow register number.but the boys dun lyk their register number..so dey wan to lyk draw lots..but all the girls sae wan by register number den wun hab so much trouble mah..so in the end the boys give way..yeppx.tat's how nice,how gentlemen dey were!:P*three cheers* for the boys!lol..lame=.=but yea.must gib dem encouragement ma.hahaha..our class tee will be purple!yay!GAY!woots__* sehh huh.cant wait for it.hahah.man.i love skol!XDit rawks..hahah.skol is so fun la.at home lyk so sian..haha.if i got noting to do den use com or tv..if not i sleep..lol.[lyk a pig man] ahaha. yea..boring huh/so go school better..wahaha.oh yea.i love drum lessons man.is getting more challenging every lesson!XDwoots__*auntie yeepeng say tat in 6 or 12 mths time,me,jocylyn & rach will play for the youth ministry..wah.scary sia..but i will jiayou all the way de.must not gib up wors irisXD..drums rawks!^^

orientation "07
Saturday, January 06, 2007

woots* orientation over le.1F rawks XD. hahah.even though dey not so enthu as our batch but still dey tried their best XD proud of ya fornaxians!lol..the concert was niceXD tj sooo cute can.hahahah.he shld join eds instead of it club la.hahhaha.he so cute.seriously.lol,he look lyk onli p5.haha.no offence.he can be my didi lor.hahaah.stupid keith tok so soft.dun even wads he toking abt.lol..mayb its the microphone fault bah.haha. but orientation was nice.1F cheers rawks!i love the last cheer can.is lyk

joyce..is all i see
teejay is such a gay
keith...is such an ass
iris is the very best
she..is who we love
E..to the V-A
eva diva is so seh!

cool rite!XD hahaha.we bias against the boys..lol,the girls one so nice den the boys one all so funnie.hahaha. but i juz love it XD
reach home damn late ytd.around 10+.frm morning all the way until 10+.siao la.i was damn tired can.sum more ytd i went for explore.travel around singapore until so tired.den came back abt 3+ den went to take care of 1F..den all the way until 10+.& stupid keith say i abandon him and go hab fun.wth la.is not my fault tat i go explore rite.hahaha.he in concert den cannot go so too bad lohs.hahaha.umms,i hope 1F will bond more tgt bah..must jiayou wors FORNAX!hahah,i wonder hu will their class chairperson..i tink clement will be bah..lol, he very enthu..hahaha.

sydney pictures!XD
Monday, January 01, 2007

yeppx.finally got the pics from janelle.soo..my parents no nid to ask ydun hab pics..cuz now i got pics to show dem..wahaaha XD.but i dun noe y onli can put 5 pics..soo,onli got 5 pics here lohs.ahaha.yupyup.since i went wib my cousins,aunt,uncle and gradma..so no pictures of my parents.lol..anw,my grandma is soo cool can.lol she watches WWE can!its lyk woah..she enjoys watching it!how cool can she be huh.lol..aint she just too cool to be a grandma??!ahaaha.
anw,the beaches dere are lyk sooooo clean la.unlike s'pore..so dirty de.dere the beach is sooo fun!we were lyk waiting near the sea,den when the waves come,we were running "for our lives" so tat the waves wouldnt wet us!ahaha..how cute rite!lol><> dis one was taken in tasmania.we went dere for 2 wks.i tink dis was one of the trekking.yeppx.and look how big tat jacket was for me.it wasnt mine but my aunt's.lol..cauz i tot it wouldnt be cold,den nv bring out my jacket.. den rachel keep on saying i "zuo xian"lol..&i was damn freaking cold.lucky my aunt gt xtra..so she lend it to me.ahaha.ryan oso nv bring his out.but he sae tat his fats keep him warm..ahaahh..look how nice the scenery is!i love the ocean behind us!wootS___*chao clear and bluey can..lol.i wanna jump down and swim!!hahaah.

dis beach is i forget from where ler.lol..cauz we went to too many beaches.ahaaha.we were building our so called sand castle.lol..we were digging & digging to allow water to go in.ahaaha.suceeded for onli a few seconds.den later the water no more-.-lol..but still,we had a great timeXDoh yes,i rmb ler..is from the same place-port stevens.cauz the dressing was the same as the first pic.so is must be at the same place but diff beach..lol.yea.and i changed into shorts..so no more worrys abt my jeans!hahah.isaac swam in the sea..and he was shivering la.can see him shaking lor..hahah.rachel was not in the pic cauz she was fishing wib her dad at the nearby jetty..but dey onli caught one tiny little fishy which cant be eaten..so dey let it go..hahah.we oso gt go fishing.but is at tasmania.oh man.i simply love it can.we total caught 14 fishes..so cool!janelle cuaght 4.my uncle gt 3 i tink.den me & ryan tgt caught 4.oh man..i wan to laugh at the way we pull out the fishe la.we never use the the to roll up the line..instead we jus pull it out from the pond.which is of course the wrong way to do it=_+.but it was the best way for us!haha.we accomplished it in the cheating manner!XDden rachel caught 3 big fishes all by herself..she caught the largest ones..we brought it to the hotel and cooked it ourselfs...& we were sick of eating sooo many fishes la.i'm tired of fish.hahaha.wanted to bring 5 back to my aunt's hse but the immigration doesnt allow.sooo too bad.hahah.

dis is the same place as the second pic.but is super cold..hahaa

i love dis pic!see how cool my grandma is!told ya soo.lol.i was squashed up in dis pic.ahaah.ma-ma!you are so seh...!

yupyup.i tink tats all ler bah..sydney was fun.love it dere.helped my uncle to paint the nomes.and we three girls were the ones cooking when we were at tasmania..hahah.it was cool.&the food turns out to be niceXD ate lots of mussles!!yummY!oysters..hmm,i hated dem.soo,nv ate.ahaaha.ate lobsters too..but as u noe,i dun relli eat seafood.so jus ate a bit.but i totally fall in love wib mussles!!awww..i still missed it la.ate alot of beef, sashimi!lagsania..ohhh.& i drank wine.but i dun lyk it.ahaaha.i guess im not a good drinker bah.i dun lyk the taste of wine.yuck.lol...yeppx.& i improved my drawings over dere!lol..dun noe y i keep on drawing over dere..but i tink i improved ler.ahaah..woah..its a rather long post ler bah..hope you all wun be sian..but yea.i shld stop ler bah..ahaha.soo,hope u enjoy the pics!u can get to see more at my friendster account.go see if u wan.lol..tag wors =)


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