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oh my tian..
Tuesday, February 27, 2007

wah..todae gt the mock test-run 2.4km.zzz.mr siva nv even let us build up our stamina la.& we just fun 6 rounds the track.lyk crazy people..& i didnt even noe that todae nid to run.den wear the converse shoes.wth..super lag la.ahaha.
eee..my stamina drop lyk siao la.suck can.i last yr gt 11 mins.dis yr slower a bit.*sobbx* i guess its time for me to run again to build up my stamina.mr goh xuexun is bian4 tai4 one la.he chiong for whole 6 laps. siao one lar he!but he got 2nd.all because of chew kiat shing.when at the last 100m,mr shing shing go bang into xx & gt 1st.if not xx wld get 1st de lor!
nice trick there! lols..
omg! i got chosen to take part in the 4 schls running competition!wth..& dey put me ih the 800m & 1500m category!wahhhhh!!i dwan! i onli want sprinting nia! *sobbx* x(
haixx.who ask me last yr to run 11mins,now kena chosen.but even if i chosen,i wan sprinting nia! i cannot run fair distances de lor!i got no stamina at all! x(
oh wells.guess i got to try it out.but bet i wun win de lar!muahahah.

TSK!todae gt LA test.but the most stupid thing is tat mr biollo only ask us to complete half the paper & continue tom.DUMB.we can lyk discuss anw la!ZZZ.but our class very gd de la.we NV lor!muahahah.

ytd leadership traing was damn FUN! x)is seriously damn fun.emily,why gt band??!(dots.was just mentioning abt her & she came online-.-")anw,as i was saying,em didnt join us.so sad x(
but thru this leadership training,i confirm tat our class is the m ost bonded!!yay! i love 2C!!
woots*mann.seriously LOVE.EVERYONE! hahs.well,here i am.emo-ing again.LOL..

happie CNY!
Wednesday, February 21, 2007

wooof* at last.done wib all the visiting..wahh.sian la.keep on visit for whole 5 days!im tired out la.somemore got common test coming up soon.soobz*i dwan to study la.booohooohooo x(
oh wells.i guess thats a duty of a student bah.haiix..study study study!! iris!hab to study la.better dun slack!you say that you will work hard this year de..but..i just cant seem to study hard la.dun know why..haiix.maybe is i got too much troubles ler ba.im thinking too much.oh wells,i guess its time to wake up & concentrate.yeppx.that's what im gonna do.

as for cny neh..went for many many reunion dinner!wheee~esp my dad side;Dhab reunion wib dem for lyk 5 times?CRAZY BUT FUN.ahaha.as for my mum's side neh.oh wells.my grandma is not that well since last yr.haiix..got tumour in her body.but we didnt want to let her know in case she lyk depressed.yea..sad huh.i see her lyk very poor thing.now even got no strength to walk by herself.nid to hab ppl to carry her.haiix..i see her,i heart broken leh. x( but still, i did went for gathering at my uncle's hse.but that was a small one.ahahha.yayyness.played wib all my nephew & nieces.realise smething?im an AUNT ler.wth la..but i dun really treat them as my umms.nephews & nieces.ahahaha.i treat them as my cousins.lolx..they damn cute la.so small & so adorable!esp hayden!!ahhhh..i tell you,you see him can die mann.he SUPER cute la!woah.& his english super pro can.he only ums.2 yrs old?ahahha.so cute!i want to adopt him!!lolx.he lyks me too!yayy! XD he keep on look for me & want me to carry him la.so cute!ahhhhh.mann.im lyk so enthu abt him.he lyk as if my idol..lolx.oh mann..seriously,HE"S CUTE.lol..& i bet he grow big will be damn shuai.ahahah.super shuai.lol...hayden!muacks!XD wahahah..i see them play.den they lyk super cute.ahahha.cant imagine i was one lyk dem.so small,so cute.LOL.but yea.i guess life's lyk that bah.we grow each day step by step.we learned through all the mistakes.& we will grow more mature.yeppx..it's amazing to see how we grow..from such a tiny babe to an adult.so sehh huh.oh wells.but if giving me a chance.i want to be a baby forever.i dwan to be an adult. ahahha.coz baby eat & sleep.thats all they do.SO SHUANG!i want to be lyk them!got no troubles,no worries.just eat & SLEEP.yea.i love to sleep!den adult gt lyk so manny trobles.nid to worry abt family.work. relations..aiya.just got alot of worries jiu4 shi4 la.so,see?baby better! i want to be a baby!lolx..i bet y'all are now lyk -.-" did i guessed right??!wahahah.i bet i did.zzz.fine.im toking to myself.AS USUAL.haiix.got no sibings leh. so how?got no one to tok to.x( who's gonna help me thru?who?....

happie FRIENDSHIP dae! &valentine dae XD
Wednesday, February 14, 2007


happie friendship dae to all my friends out there!
yeppx.todae was a great dae.ahahha.gt loads of prezzies!XD
yayyness.ahahha.oh ya.art club sold off all the stuffs tat we made la.
esp the roses.wahaha.didnt noe will hab tat good response.lolx
i tink collected lyk more than $500 la.seh mann.ahahha.

as for valentine neh.ahems.i got none,so JASON,pls stop bugging me who.
zZZ.yeepx.even though i gt none.still, i wan to wish al dose lovers out there
a happie valentine dae! LOL.must treat yr partners well hor!dun break their heart!
LOL.as for singles lyk me,dun be sad la.its good to be singles!LOL.still gt alot of prezzies wad.
from frens around you.yeppx.so CHEER UP!

woah.cadmus really rawk la.i really tink tat our class more bonded than BONDIA la.
oops o_O srys.no offence.but yea.our whole class brought a gift each for gift exchange!
yayyness.so sehh huh.yea..cadmus rawks la.wheeeee!XD

so.tats my short post for the dae.wahaha.just one last wish:

HAPPIE FRIENDSHIP DAE!&valentine dae-.-

poiema outing!
Monday, February 12, 2007

wooOts_* ytd's outing was kinda fun.ahaha.hope tat the rest did enjoy.coz is the sec 1 organised de.ahaha.yeppx.thank god tat it didnt rain.whheeeXD.anywae,the double soccer was funnie. ahahha.iw as the one who gave this idea.waahhaa.kope from this yr sec ones orientation game. ahaha.super funnie to see dem run in pairs la.tied round the waist wib strings! WAHHAHAHA.i feel so evil.but yea,its part of it.ahaha.oh wells.soccer was fun.the normal soccer.ahaha.couldnt run tat fast in my slippers.LOLS.lost in the end.aahhaha.but it was a fun game.yeppx.reach home at about 6+.was damn tired.and i gt tense.wahhhhh.i dwan la.soobbz* but nehhz,is over ler.ahaha.so,must wait to get not so dark ler lorhx.ahaha..

oh wells.todae was a funfun dae!yeppx.went to collect class jersey.ahaha.ums.but i still tink tat if hab the black base will be nicer.but wad is done is done.ahhaha.cant change ler.yeppx.me,muni, jiayun & peishan[laopo!] went to collect it after skol.den went bugis to shop for friendship dae gifts!yayyness.reach home lyk abt 6.30.ahahaXD but guess wad.reach home.den gt accident!ZZZ.suck la.my dad wanted to lyk play wib me.so when i was walking to my room,he put his foot out to try to trip me.& in the end lehx/?!he didnt trip me but injured my 4th toe la!wth can.is SUPER pain la.now im lyk crippled.is so pain at it cant even bend.& is totally swollen now.>< haiixx.unlucky.unlucky.so dao3 mei2.haiix=( mann.hab to miss pe lesson tom.soobx*x( & i oso dun even noe if i can plae soccer wib the class on wed.boooohoohhooo!=(=(im sadd.stupid toe. hurry go back to normal la.i dwan to walk lyk a crippled.& iw an to play soccer la!!

Tuesday, February 06, 2007

oh my gosh.dun noe wad happen to me.but when i tink abt cadmus,im lyk damn happie tat we are super bonded.we crap,study,play,go thru up & down tgt..den its lyk dis yr goin to fen ban!im lyk wan to cry la! seriously..i dun wan to change class nxt yr!i wan cadmus!i will miss dem lyk siao la! omg.seriously..i will miss the times we go thru tgt..guess have to treasure dem bah!&i dun wan prankster to split!!hmmm..let's see..im tink im goin to do a short description of my classmates bah:

YISHAO-ums.she arhx.lol..ums.a GREAT science rep.lolx
GAO HUI-super pretty la.18 this yr.siao la..
WAN YING-ums.very quite de..lolx
ALYSON-the stoner!craps alot.ahaha
YUE HENG-my sitting partner since last yr!we are so yuan fen wors!
IRIS-me._.im crappie & lame suddenly this yr
KELLIE KOK!-KOKie!!damn funnie la.craps alot!
CHENGLING-my er zi! AH DICK!wahaha.badminton pro
DAPHNE-wahhh..tell you hor.this girl here is crazy la.her studies is so siao.top in whole lvl?I TINK..lol
JIAYUN-the art club pro..lol.quite quiet.ahaha
LIWEN-speak quite loud.lol..nice to have her.
PEIYING-track de..pro one la
CHARMAINE-loan shark!LOL.JKJK..my 3rd daughter.ah toot
QIANTING-japanese pro!& chinese pro!
JIEMIN!-arh looi!my youngest son.lolx.im influenced by her,tats why im so crap this yr.ahaha
MICHELLE!-my best buddy.but superr vulgar.but she is cute wors!
LIHUI!-super femenine.lolx.one of my best buddy!
JINGQING-ums.alwaes wib liwen.lolx
PEISHAN-my LAOPO!!woots*
EMILY!-the one who hit ppl VERY hard1& i mean VERY.wl..lol.super chio de..XD
MELISSA-ums.no comments
JIUHUI-SUPER quiet.badminton pro
MUNI -my 4th daughter!ahh moooo..lolx
JAIME-quite talkative,lolx.no lar.JK
SHUQI-my 2nd daughter!ahh xes!lol..SC oso
ZUOYUE-chi pro la.lol
BRENDON-scouts.very vulgar.lolx
KIATSHING-scouts.my kor.he can look damn chio la!
YOKEMING-the Y coupe.wahaha.but he alwaes not enthu de..TSK
XUEXUN-the smarty brains la he!pass me sme mi jue lehx..
JINJIA-super cute!!wahaha.i lyk to bully him!oopsXD
JIAREN-he arhx.wahaha.em belong to him ler.!!omg.em,better dun wack me.lolx
YUEKHO-super pervert guy.seriously.
CHINKIAT-chinly!!wahaha.he super crap la.but he damn funnie.

sooo..wahaha.see,cadmus rawks la!! i love cadmus!lol..super emo.but yea.ahaha



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