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Thursday, April 23, 2009

the sun forebear to shine, the streets filled with empty silence. 

week 6 is gna be a hectic week.
3 days only, 
yet there are 3 tests and chem presentation.
vjc's open house this saturday.

i got no mood to blog nowadays.
ive been wkaing up later than my expected waking up time nowadays
sry, im random-.-

tag replies:
sumei: haha, sumei i know im too cute alrdy :O

daphyyy: hahaha, yes they are super cute. nope its a postcard :D hoho.

mich: idiot manzxz. hahaha, hello little gangster-.-

ct: yeah man ct. you look like a erm. dinosaur? O.O

bryn: haha, sanks bryn. (: im being emotional for that moment. haha, im smiling as usual 8D

jia en: hey chaaa en, sanks. i will try to find something to destress myself! (: seeya this sunday :D

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

im so busy with schl work.
and i suppose, i neglected my spiritual feeding.
im lost, and i know what im lacking of.
its time, to really go back to the father.

sigh, sec 4 is really tough.
sometimes, putting much effort doesnt really pay off :l
but are results that impt :(
why is my life revolving academics.
no i dwan to be a student.
can i take a break and just disappear.
im sick of school.
at times, i reallyreally wanted to just give up.

and my future's a blur too.
ive no idea what im aiming for.
ive no idea what im studying for.
ive no idea why am i even in this world.

is there more to life than just this.
sry, tag replies another day.
i have no mood today :l

Thursday, April 09, 2009

haha, omg i totally love my parents!
when i reach home, 
i see this on my table,
haha so sweet right :D
and i think they are so cute -.-

hahaha, tmr's good friday!
but im going to malaysia :O
shopping-spreeeeeeeeeee! :D

time for relieving my stress :D
yay, today's a cool day :D

tag replies:

daphyyy: hahaha, cos she was some sort of preparing to bath, but we pull her along to camwhore with us! hahaha, yeah she's super cute :D

jeremy: hahaha, cool right my mommma! :D come for yth more often jeremy!

Saturday, April 04, 2009

this week is liess busy compared to others.
haha, updates on class outing (:

yaxiang came over for slpover.
and i think my mum is gna kill me if she sees this picture o.o

dont u think my mum looks so cute in her shower cap, haha!
& my room is really in a big mess :l
ok, so for class outing.
titans went crazy & started plaiting our hair
and here are the outcomes

iim looking down on everyone, hahahaha :D

we love kellie's hair
jiemin's backview.
it was hilarious, cos she look like nezha-.-
titans! <3:D

lets just say, we were camwhorers titans :O

who wanna eat the fishball in my mth hm,hoho
and kim jung fang playing her game of dictatorship.
losers eat her leftover food, 
the chicken wing (was rather not tt tasty yknow)
fafa needs to join the culinary club!
hahaa, yay i love maur:D
and here's 4E!
fafa so sexy!:O

tag replies:

rock: lawl, i took the purple rat, not the black.sadly, we didnt win semi-finals.aww

sumei: hello bimbo, cheeer up! i love you:D

jun an: hahaha! really ah? :O i dont evn know which hero i use. im a noob at dota. hahaha!


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