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Thursday, June 25, 2009

last week of school! :C
i want extension sigh.
spread hini to me somebodaye!

updates for my cool holiday.
mugging mugging.
a short youth camp but it was great! :D
didnt slept for the whole camp (i merely closed my eyes jason tsk!)
and i missed my stop while travelling back in mrt(-.-)
the dinner was awesome yumyum:D
pictures pictures! 8D

yay i am the tallest :D

bond. (:

had class outing at sentosa.
turn out to be a girl's outing instead.
no comments about the guys.
but yeap we enjoyed ourselves
meeting new guys on the beach playing vball.
jealous?(dedicated to 4e guys)

i think i got darker
but i spamm sunblock!!
had dinner and went window shopping with maur and yunzhen!
woo i tried on heels for the first time (-.-)
and i was braaadyy tall.
and maur just embarrassed herself as usual
(hahaha i didnt do anything this time!)


schl's opening :(
im left with jianbao and history essay.
i want hini to spread awman.
my sleeping time's screwed up.
ive got to get back to the school mood.

tag replies:

sumei: hahaha, its ok vaio red hawt is my only lurrbe. :D ive been a cool mugger 8D muahaha.

sean: yes sean, jealous? hehh:D

van: i cant afford not to! are you back in spore! are u gna be quarantined!! :C

jiaen: hahaha hello porkkk! i won you in bowling wooo! :D next time lets not slp again in camp! :D

abi: hahaha, yep it was great playing with you too! my smile works huh hehh :D

Saturday, June 13, 2009

oops, i forgot.

tag replies:
sumei: muahaha, vaio has always been mine. sooner or later suu 8D

abigail: sure sure! (:

rock: haha sup. your com spoil?

van: ive been mugging! :O buy me & su lots of present!! hahaha we are gna have our bimbo date w/o you! jealous? muahahhaha :D

updates! (:

somehow, we had a class pet!
haha! :D

had a productive study date with charms & jason ytd.
i must say, charms is retarded!
candid shot, but it turns out nice.
much nicer than our posed pictures. haha!

i survived famine camp! :D
surprised i didnt feel as hungry as i thought i would be :O
our whole family got AIDS!
hahaha, but we earn alot.
& i think we are the only family which has every single member having aids mamamia!

prostitutes hugging the tree(our customer!)
luckily there's glad in my grp! haha! :D


year fours baby pictures! super cute ahhh.
guess who is who!

i (heart) gillian.
awww :D

i (Y) SC!

4E cip! :D
i must say the process was fun.
the dancing practice actly.
hoho 8D

:O :O check it out yoooooooooooo.

dancing grp! :D

heh, i didnt use com for this whole week.
impressed? (:
fb is tempting.
i dont like homework!

father's day coming soon.
muahaha :D


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