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Tuesday, July 28, 2009

omg, someone please save me.
im a atomic bomb, gna explode anytime.
ri ben chun was delicious, had a fun time :D
hahaha our conversations were hilariously O.O
ok thats not the point.
the point is.
im insanely full now.
i dont need eat food tmr also mamamia!

chem prac was _________.

ytd was a lesson learnt.
my wallet is so cool now.
(i feel so ._.)

haha 60 plus more days to eoys??
:O or maybe less?
where's the stress.

Sunday, July 26, 2009

just browsing through old photos.
thinking back abt my life.
pictures do bring back much memories,
but we just had to move on in life.

not in my best mood now.
you, yes you.
why do you need to spoil my mood.
thanks alot.

shall go catch empire of the sun on okto now.
blah, whatever.

Thursday, July 23, 2009

racial harmony on monday,
and our class improvised so cool :D

eclipse ytd!
but spore cant see it awman :(:(:(
i shall wait till the next eclipse, thats if i live till that long.

schl's alright so far.
our relief LA tcher is -.- and funny.
come to think of it, eoys are actly very near.
and i think im so smart,
those lame riddles which needs HIGH eq to guess it.
hahaha im so pro at that yay.

tag replies:

sean: you bumm. yah dumbledore die! so sad!!! :(:(

maur: haha, sule maur. but this time, must really study ok! hahaha!

sumei: jealous? :D im on such high demand aww. haha! idc, that softtoy is suvan, i cant change the name too bad! :D

Friday, July 17, 2009

catch harry potter ytd.
the movie was super nice!!
harry potter and ron was super cute in the movie!
and there's this cute guy in the movie, cuter than tom felton!
and emma watson is so pretty.
haha, worth seeing (for those who doesnt read the book at all)
it might be disappointing for those who read the book though.

another week passed.
wasn't that tedious,
but im feeling tired.
(perhaps, its cause of what happen ytd night :C )

youth service this sunday, hope everything will go well! (:

tag replies:

sean: hahaha, cos the new toy havent arrive yet when i took those pics. hi sean, youre gay-.-

eddie: LAWL. naww, they dont have hini, only too kiasu alrdy haha!

van: cos you and sumei give me one what! and suvan sounds nicer than vansu! you kukumalu, you act like a monkey haha!

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

schl's retardedly enjoyable.
but homework/projects are piling up.
spoil my wonderful marvellous awesome magnificent study plan.

the rain's horrible this morning!
i was drenched.
but i love the hand dryer muahaha :D

yay and i doll up my softtoys.
they are paranoid.
i influence them hahaha.

suvan and elmo so cute rightttt.
hahaha, i got diploma in cuteness. (LAWL)
thats my achievement this year, thanks :D
ms fang has been doing pc these few days, instead of maths.
i am amazed to the power of 1092742163153.
haha, but actly, i think maths will be much more interesting (-.-)
cos pc is kinda boring yknow,
and thats why we resort to eating gummy bears and reading seventeen.

pw ytd was crazy, did until 10pm.
haha, andandand.
i got a softtoy for 2 bucks again(!)
i lurrrbe the catch toy machine.
hahaha im so tyco.

and hi, people thinks me & sean are tgt.
hello sean, HAHA
you know why. shh (:
ace proj, chinese test, physics pop!
i need rots of ruck tmr.

-there are no boundaries, its a matter of perspective. (:

tag replies:

van: hahaha, you irritating girl. you look so kuku tdy! you bimboooooooo!
jiaen: LAWL! so cute right. muahaha 8D

Sunday, July 12, 2009

bring me to the paradise.
i dont want to face the world.
its complicated,
and at times, its just too tiring to carry on.
im scared. all of a sudden.there's too many things on my mind right now.
but this is not the time for all those things.
not now, please?

-ignore this-

Friday, July 10, 2009

pretty cool week.
had 4 tests, and its alright i suppose.
(good sign!)

i think our class has a flu bug,
haha but it hasnt reach me yet (why!)
jiemin offered me cool mask.
and it was huge, it can cover my whole face! haha!

our innovative, revised version of the cool mask. ^^
and ytd, sumei came my house.
to eat dinner! super random!!!
and she ate my mum's cooking, and my mama keep on complimenting abt her when she left.
saying how umglam i was and how mature sumei was.
pfffft, you bimbo! i know its all an act stupid girlll.
haha, and i didnt know my neighbourhood has such nice environment.
took lots of pictures and we had heart to heart session! aww.
and the park near my house is cool, my first time there since ive lived in tiong bahru -.-

ok, i look like im having constipation! (-.-)

sumei looks so tiny! and she totally blends in with the surroundings!!

finally, my dream height :D:D
this will spur me on to growgrowgrow! :D

tag replies:

rachelseah: hello girl, iw ant to see you this sunday!! haha sigh, shldnt have deleted those cool unglam pictures of you!! seeyou arnd:D

van: HAHAHA, STUPID BIMBO. our date was cool today. and dont emo, smile girl! :D

Monday, July 06, 2009

2nd week of schl.
my weekends were not that productive :C
but our la creative product is coming along smoothly.
and my hist essay's finally done!

youth-ed ytd.
its great to see rach again!:D:D
plan script for our upcoming skit!
haha and camwhored. (mainly charms & rach!)

ive been trying my best to mug for the past few days.
stayed back afetr schl with suuu and chaateck and junjie.
our schl library has quite a good environment to study haha.

maths has been killing me.
integration test.
i cant afford to flunk.
tag replies:

king yi: hello ky! yep it has been ages man. how's life. haha going back kellock this yr?

vanessa: hahaha stupid bimbo. i still sound like myself ok. you were just too distant frm me, go hk! tskkkkkkkk.

Wednesday, July 01, 2009

school started, and no way would i want e-learning.
its crazy.(im serious)

writing personal statement is totally horrible.
it just doesnt feel right writing good things about myself(-.-)
and it is just so crappy!

there's gna be 4 tests next week!
and there's only 3 schling days next week
how marvellous.
im scared._.
what if i cant make it :(
i dont have any idea what sets me apart from others.
im not an outstanding kid.
tag repplies:

jiaen: haha.__. yeah i know. its rising now! :O porkkk! porkchopzxz!

jeremy: hahaha ok la brudderr. i aint insane (: i dont have h1n1 yet.

rock: lawl(-.-) my com sucks yay.


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