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Sunday, August 30, 2009

live life from the inside out.

im not prepared for this.
but there's no choice, is there?
perhaps, it will be better.
but if only back then, we did not make the shift.
maybe, we will not even realise the ugliness of mankind.
not to even think, it's not strangers that im are talking about.

how bitterly cruel.

the truth always hurt, but only truths reveal the reality and make one mature.
but knowing things that i shldnt have known, is that good or bad?


Tuesday, August 18, 2009

catched GI JOE with dims & co.
and so is sienna miller, she's hot :O

ohman, soooo cute!
and he can dance damn ncie.

snake eyes!
what a cool ninja hahaha.
watch out man, i will be the next gi joe.
and nanomites will rule the world~.

moments of clarity.
sometimes, we just need to pause and examine ourselves.
its these moments, that help us realise some things.
its werid how i want something to happen,
yet when that happen, i dont want that to happen.
ok im contradicting myself.
but im refering to something.
i dont wna ________________. :(

come back schl tmr!

PS. sean's shorts split today. hahahaha omg so funny.
tag replies:

su: haha you crazy bimb, you own me in every test!!

sean: hahaha whr's my wallet. you used my fb w/o me knowing. you hideous object.

Friday, August 14, 2009

it's amazing how we change in stages of our lives,
and looking back, yearning for the past, to change what was already done.
the past is the past, all we can do is to decide for the future and live in the present.
leave all old pictures behind and capture new ones to keep as memories.

yet another week passed so quickly.
history test is asdksjhdladjasdsadnx.
next week will be kinda slack.
monday and thursday no schl! :D

how's your mugging coming along ppl.

tag replies:

van: -.- you pootsy bimboism! go mug! :D

sumei: :D what j? van talking nonsense :D go mug suu. lets study tgt!! (we always say tt, but our mug date doesnt come true in the end! -.-)

jeremy: hahaha i wna be well-prepared yknow. are you jeremy tan or jeremy ong. ooops:/ haha!

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

past weekend was awesome! :D
friday went out to watch hangover.
the show is super horny and funny -.-
and now, my head is known to look like a _ _ _ _.
and my nose like the _ _ _ _ _ _.

went bowling after the movie,
my skills deprove! T.T

DIMS & Co. in NewYork and Kuala Lumpur. (hahahaha)

had youth camp for ndp.
it was great! :D
askiris! won :D
but thats not the point.
it was simply fun to the max.

not all came though.
(inside joke haha!)
but at least Y.A and youths bonded tgt (:

its less than 50 days to eoys.
there are more tests coming up,
you got to buck up iris.

tag replies:

mich: hahaha aiya no difference la chun/cun. :D how chuuuuu.

charms: i pass you the cd this sunday <3!

jiaen: hahaha no prob jiaennn! yay askiris! ask me!:D you retarded fella! ngs camp was fun, lets mug more (:O) HAHA!

janell: HAHAHA, now you can stare at your green _ _ _ for hours/all day long! :D yup janell, overnight was awesome :D seeyaa sooooon! :D

Monday, August 03, 2009

had an enjoyable weekend.
friday was sw outing and the response was great(:
haha pizzahutted yum :D

sat went to fop!
with charms/janell/jiaen.
the worship was great.
nxt yr's planet shakers! :D
mustgomustgo heh.
57 more days to eoys :O

you make me smile like the sun
fall out of bed sing like bird
dizzy in my head spin like a record
crazy on a Sunday night
you make me dance like a fool
forget how to breathe
shine like gold buzz like bee
just the thought of you can drive me wild
ohh you make me smile
-SMILE by Uncle Kacker

tag replies:

jocylyn: yaa sec 2!!! bond007 :D haha we won rmb! :D yahh how fast we aged awman T.T

sean: dont emo sean. at least im not both :D haha go for study dates with DIMS. haha!

let's form a study group.
yay this sunday overnight mini camp with yths.
overnight mugging:O


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