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Saturday, September 12, 2009

hello humans, how are your holidays? (:

i had a fun time with dimsy & co. on mon.
early birthday bash for laura and me (:
sank chu ppl :D

had our awesome 10 bucks "neoprints" using maur's cam
hahaha with the free green backgrnd, if only we could edit these pics haha!

cool pose?
haha what a gay bag sean!
new version of powerpuff girls :D
:D sept babies :D
bonjour, would ju like some oil sir? :D

18 more days to eoys.
yet to get into the mood of mugging spree.
looking forward to end of eoys :D

stay strong charms,
we all know that he is safe in god's arms (:
cheer up dear, i love you!
wish to see you in church tmr! (:

life is really, unpredictable. sigh.

tag replies:

van: huh what guy? what neighbour? haha are you back in spore!

suu: muahahaha :D:D we cost a bomb on van:D we are da bomb yay. im older than you!!!!!


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